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Swim Team

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In this game you have 20 days to train and fuck three beautiful girls. Each morning you can choose what type of training each girl will do (running, gym or swimming). Each girl has four parameters, the main ones are power and endurance. There other two are health and mood. At noon you can decide what you want to do (earn money, talk to the doctor, go to the shops, etc). In the evening you can visit your girls in their rooms. After the 20th day comes the day of the competition which consists of three events: butterfly, crawl and breaststroke. One girl can do each event. If the girl wins and you treated her well, you will get a special prize.

Flash game size: 8 Mbytes


  1. fuck all girl
    kate very sex so good

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  3. my dick is growing ^_^

  4. Where is the flower?

  5. yeah i like it

  6. ko hieu

  7. ai chi tuj thu tu cho no dung hanh nhat dj

  8. sooo goood, fuck all of them

  9. How the fuck do you go shopping? Because all those bitches want fucking flowers, and I can’t buy any!

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  11. vãi loz

  12. awsome fucked all girls all very sexy although i would prefer julia.

  13. tryingtofuck

    em weres the bloody shop !!! i cant get the flowers, bug maybe ?

  14. Click on MAP at noon (up right)

  15. so easy, you must buy lollipop and get docter for your 3 girl

  16. Too Easy 😀
    All the girls are winners 😀

  17. Any sexy girls reading this, send a nude pic of yourself to [email protected] and I’ll send one back, if wanted.

  18. de lam
    nut next goc phai mua het la xong

  19. why the fucking part is different ,
    why not same like in picture ?

  20. what are name ?

  21. i like it

  22. 完全搞不懂

  23. big god teach me play it大神教我玩

  24. why konw i don’t open the game


  26. I am fucking happy in the game

  27. Really tired can not understand English

  28. Really tired can not understand English

  29. 决定是否好地方

  30. 是是是是

  31. what do you mean?

  32. fuck you son of bitch

  33. good

  34. 艹 你TMD

  35. 玩不了

  36. 66

  37. 发个干活GV个凡人歌护发素会尴尬干哈

  38. 操完了,一个草比,三个口交

  39. 那你很棒棒哦

  40. 哈哈

  41. 怎么玩?

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