Olympic Adventures

Olympic Adventures

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You are a secret agent under guise of journalist and this time your mission is to make Russian figure skater fail Olympic competition. In order to win you should pay attention to a letter with your mission at the beginning of the game and read it carefully. Good luck 😉

Flash game size: 4,5 Mbytes


  1. 你好

  2. how do you drug the judge guy and tear the ice skates

  3. you click his cup while he’s away getting you a cup of tea, and when you go on a date with Julia you tear he skates while she is in the shower.

    But there should be a reward for suceeding the missing.

  4. where’s the skates?

  5. drug the judge by clicking the cup in the background.
    the skates are on the floor in julias hotel, break them when she’s in the shower.

  6. how the hell do you make her fail?

  7. why, after I bang the friend, doesn’t it let me go to Julia’s room?

  8. How to break the skates, when you’re not allowed into her room, when you fucked her sister and/or her friend.

  9. YOu have to go to Julias room before Kates when it gives you the option at the last choice when youre on the map thingy majiggy

  10. i already made her fail because i fucked her sister and friend

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  12. este juego esta excelente

  13. John the Spy

    I finally “succeeded” in my dastardly plot. It’s a shame, Julia was the best looking girl in the game.

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  30. It´s a great game, at the beginning is complicated but if you slowly read the dialogues shouldn´t have any no problem.

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  34. King of Troll


    Let me tell you how to fast-pass in this game just followed my word and choose that options.

    in Iceplaza:1、2、3、1、2

    in Judges office:2、1、1、2

    in JuLias Family hotel:1、1、3、1、2、1、1

    in KATE’s Hotel:1、3、2、1、3、2、1

    in Jolia’s Hotel:2、1、2、1

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