Hunter or Victim?

Hunter or Victim?

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In this test you are to find out who you are in sex: the hunter or the victim. After the test you can enjoy your bonus.
Have a nice time 🙂

Flash game size: 5 Mbytes


  1. nice new one

  2. Second!!!

  3. third

  4. 4

  5. 5

  6. 6

  7. The music is awesome for this game! what is it?

  8. bom ne so que nao entendi nada de nada as palavras né do a nota 2

  9. wefqwef

  10. fa

  11. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tambem nao entendi nada

  13. get naked now

  14. que bando de burro, aprende ingles primeiro

  15. FIRST to say FIRST!!!

  16. アホ

  17. Fuck and fuck

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