Whakawai 2

Whakawai 2

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After a trip to the waterfall Ahoroa stayed at the villa of her new friends to dry her clothes. She even couldn’t imagine that they would try to make her drunk and then fuck. You have to help our heroine not go crazy from champagne and return to the village to her boyfriend.

Flash game size: 6,0 Mbytes


  1. Firt

  2. First

  3. this game sucks its crap only clicking

  4. this game is awsome!! I like it caus its all about sex!!who2x and I saw this website from the newgrounds.com

  5. Very hard

  6. Ok

  7. help are there secretes hints or helps?

  8. CAn someone tell what to do

  9. guys…m not able to pass when phil has to finger her….i mean it’s almost 95% and then it gets stuck…wt to do?? m really njoyin this game otherwise…

  10. takes a lot of patience – it is a point and click

  11. the hint word is hiro

  12. Guys m still not able to get it…i mean wt is “hiro”?? and which point r u talking abt????? as soon as u release the cursor from her pussy…his hand goes off and the meter runs down….
    please tell properly as to wt has to be done…please…i really wanna go further from the fingering…i’m so horny….contact me @ [email protected]….

  13. c nul

  14. wt to do when phil tries to penetrate her????? how can u stop her from being with them????? please help :((

  15. i’m on the level when she’s back from the imposters and takes off her tank to take a swim…..she rubs her right tit like shit and as it reaches 95%…again there’s nothing else to do…the meter jst stops and don’t know wt to do from then on 🙁 please help…

  16. Nancy i want to fuck you!!

  17. type hiro for hints

  18. add [email protected] i like web sex cam

  19. this game sucks its crap only clicking

  20. I end when they are sitting on bed….start kissing, put finger in her pussy and it ends at 95% perhaps…What i must do for continue?

  21. you need to press ctlr+alt+v and write the word hiro to see the hints

  22. what do you do after all the talking with the funny cursor thing?

  23. what do you do when there kissing?

  24. Haha lol its all about sex xD

  25. hi can someone plzzzzz help me i have tried sooo many times to get past this and i can,t i am stuck on the bed where the guy is fingein the girl it would be nice if you could just give me a straight answer that would be great thanks xxx

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