Swapper: Lingerie

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Swapper: Lingerie

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Swapper is an attempt to make a typical Hentai jigsaw-puzzle game. The game features as usual 8 pictures and is pretty much self-explainable. Try your best to complete each puzzle picture with the hotties hentai girls!

Flash game size: 2,9 Mbytes


  1. finish all the pictures to get a surprise ! oh wait, there is no surprise. you just don’t win.

  2. well at least i finished all 8, great game!

  3. too easy

  4. sexy but i lik henitai puzzle better it is videos

  5. fuck this game

    that last 4 is bullshit i want a porn pic not some kinda imposible to beat jigsaw pussle i hast puzzles i liked the 1st four but after that come on

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