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Starcraft Nova

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Nova likes to sneak in to Command Center and take mind control of Adjutant to fuck her with tentacles. But you have to be careful if you let Adjutant lose control of defenses zerg will sneak in. P.S. When the white dial hits the blue field press to fill up the mind control bubble to advance to next stage.

Flash game size: 3,7 Mbytes


  1. Schwanzus Longus


  2. Just what are you supposed to do with this game. there is nothing happening

  3. What’s the music?

  4. KinderCinder

    Press “T” when the white line is in the blue region in the bottom right part of the circle.

  5. im 14 and love this

  6. This is shit! I’ve been pressing the ‘T’ for ages and nothing is happening…

  7. … Well I didn’t know that

  8. im younger than most people and i can figure this out

  9. good game just press the “t” on the key board when the white line hits the gap.

  10. great game.

  11. 렉 개심하네 진짜;;

  12. sine

  13. 병신들ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  14. Crappy game

    This game sucks. nothing really happens and some of the animation and all of the sound effects were stolen from HentaiKey

  15. 爱上

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