Slutty Teacher

Slutty Teacher

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This adult game tells us very unusual erotic story happened at college. Cute naughty student left history lesson and went to the medical room. She told her teacher that she had a headache. In fact, this young slut wanted to fuck with a guy, who worked in the medical room. They enjoyed sex in different poses so they completely forgot about time! Have a good weekend! πŸ™‚

Flash game size: 8,1 Mbytes


  1. number one

  2. you’re cool

  3. damn damn greg

    You’re really cool

  4. damn damn damn greg

    no im cool

  5. only if our teacher will let us do this to her

  6. chat any 1???

  7. nice game

  8. If your a faggot put number one

  9. Damn Bitches…….sexy shit, huh? Everyone likes it….. it’s soooooooo easy to make people like games. Just put a interactive sexual being into the game. Woho, magic.

  10. Unknown Person


  11. γƒ‘γƒ”γƒ—γƒšγƒ‘γƒΌ


  12. i wish i had that teacher

  13. o my god wish i was her right now

  14. fuck off greg


  15. jeffery klempel

    hey this is cool

  16. I did that to my teacher his fucking hot and young too

  17. Then there listening.

  18. What happened to the redhead?

  19. LEGOO

  20. good

  21. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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