Seduce Lara Croft

Seduce Lara Croft

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Beautiful and sexy Lara Croft returned to us in a free adult game. You’ll never see her modest behavior because she wants her have as much pleasure as possible including sexual terms. What will you do to make her remember your visit? Just trick into her apartment, take off all her clothes and fuck her hard. Have a good time!

Flash game size: 2,5 Mbytes


  1. first!

  2. Goog old Holio U…btw answer: “on top” in the end

  3. The lines she says are a huge turnoff…i mean wtf..i actually laughed at how stupid they were xD

  4. good evening, land cruiser, pussy, i dont think it matters where clothes go but i did pants uper left top upper right, gun, idol, long thing in bedside drawer, on top


  6. the lines are no more stupid than some of them in the Lara Croft movies and she just implies erotica she doesn’t have sex in them.

  7. i did it 😀

  8. hay t want to fuck you in the pussy

  9. fftttttttttttttttt

    mujhe nanga hone kaa man ho raha hai us randli koo dekh ke

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