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Orgasm Girl

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Orgasm Girl is an interesting arcade adult game. Orgasm girl is the hottest lesbian angel around and is aiming to give the sexy girl an orgasm while she is asleep. If she wakes up, the game is over. In the game, you play using cursors to remove clothes and so on until she reaches her orgasm point. Hey, it’s time to do it!

Flash game size: 780 Kbytes


  1. i wish a guy would do that to me ooo

  2. i am stuck

  3. Mmm such a fun game, I’d love to do that to a nice girl ;D

  4. how can you get 1,000 points also this game is cool it makes me horny so any girls looking for fun look me up at [email protected]

  5. Dirty ol man

    way old game but a good one

  6. haha lovely i would

  7. I did this to my wife, one night, next day nothing but sex all day.

  8. hi girls add me msn and yahoo my msn adress [email protected]

  9. hi again girls open my cam [email protected]

  10. aka

  11. if any girls wannna talk dirty text me cell 519 732 3333

  12. I know a cheat to take any points u want:

    1_Move away the arm and take off the bra.
    2_click right button and then press the reproduce option. The bra will appear again and you can take it every time u want (you cannot move away the arm but it doesnt matter)

    Note: this cheat makes the music fail, but if you turn it off and then u turn it on it will be normal again.

  13. sometime today id like to finish this

  14. charles justine

    what is this game

  15. i can beat this game so easily

  16. я не понел как в неё играть

  17. seeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxraaaaaaaaaaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeee!

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