Nurse for New Year

Nurse for New Year

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You are in hospital. It’s a New Year’s eve and a lonely sexy nurse. Maybe you should attract her to you.

Flash game size: 2,9 Mbytes


  1. hi

  2. Art seemed good but some scenes could’ve looked better. Plus a meter to tell how much more you had to go would’ve been nice s well. Overall enjoyable.

  3. Too sort

  4. *short

  5. awwwwww yeeeeaaaahh

  6. Any ladies looking for a good time from a good guy?

  7. sex ex sex

  8. e

  9. the scenes are bad the grafics are poor this game is a waste of time complete not many people like a pose that they can not even see

  10. she looks like julie anne nicole chua , look at the Facebook and you can find her and she looks like her very cute

  11. fuckingbitch

    i also want to fuck like that

  12. sexxx

  13. ma.rosariobayarcal

    i wish that i will sex with menjie ivy cayron

  14. ZIP


  16. Handsome boy

    it actually has a plus button you can see the buttons glowing
    so it increases 🙂

  17. sexy

  18. I,mchinese

  19. fucking shit!

  20. 你们是逗比吗

  21. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i want to sex

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