Moonlust: The First Bite

Moonlust: The First Bite

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Name of our hero is Mark. He is a newly-created vampire who was bitten a few monthes ago. Join him on his visit to the vampire’s night club and help him to get a first victim.

Flash game size: 10,0 Mbytes


  1. good

  2. Play.boy

  3. only one problem – a vamp does not have a hearbeat so he does not have blood pumping through his veins. no erection so that is not a problem – he will bite you not **** you LOLz

    all the teenie girls who watch Twilight you know why those guys act so effeminte.

  4. very fanny

  5. wahaha

  6. want to see my penis

  7. nice man………..

  8. sexi


    this game shows the true meaning of vampires…….. SEX

  10. how to play

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