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All of us dream about having a big house, cool car and lots of sexy chicks around. And our hero Josh is not an exception. That’s why today, he goes to the TV show “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”. And your goal is to help him win the love of damn hot anchor woman.

Flash game size: 3,2 Mbytes

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  1. one behind you

    ohhhh cant stand it

  2. CUM!

  3. wow its that short

  4. yummy

  5. Damn u ain’t scene nuttin yet

  6. If only the questions on the real game where that easy.

  7. wow

  8. Super douche

    Why is it so short.


  10. This is only a demo version 🙂

  11. six

  12. wow this woman is are power fuck

  13. j

  14. ok………..

  15. I Love the Game but it’s so fucking short

  16. he needs to fuck her

  17. eu vejo da vontade de esta la dentro

  18. This is funny because my name is actually Josh

  19. sit

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