Lecherous girl

Lecherous girl

Do you know this little young and lecherous girl? She is crazy about sex and carnal desires. This adutl game will help you get to know her better, especially her excelent tanned body. Of course if you can’t get enough – fuck her gently! And never mind about the Japanese language int the game…

Flash game size: 4,1 Mbytes


  1. like itt.t..t….

  2. Only like that?

  3. Seems like this is a demo.

  4. cool

  5. JA

  6. hey im 18 and ima guy any girls wanna pleese me email me [email protected]

  7. its yoko!!!!!!!! wooo iHEARTyoko littner 🙂

  8. this game is fucking great

  9. there is no full version?

  10. sarap naman

  11. I’m like big tits

  12. imhorny check your email

  13. sois pringuis

  14. puta

  15. its yoko on the scene!!

  16. The full version of the game where there is

  17. [email protected]
    for girle only

  18. girls wanna have som fun? [email protected]

  19. Why is it too long to load

  20. grrrr

  21. [email protected]
    who want my big cock

  22. Mt gostosa!

  23. rumpledickskin

    Fuckin lame

  24. That is Yoko

    I can never believe this is a demo in japanese language.

  25. wow i want to do like that

  26. girls send sexy nude pics. nicolasr[email protected]

  27. spartian101

    Hey isnt that yoko of of gurren laggan?

  28. Zombie Hunter

    I hunt monster and zombie not hentai…
    looks like I enter to a wrong site…


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