Kasumi: Rebirth (Trial)

Kasumi: Rebirth (Trial)

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This sex game is reborn after undergoing a substantial renovation! It’s steel a “touching” simulation game with great animations. Do whatever you want with girl. Undress her, touch her or simple enjoy the view of her naked body. She is under your total control. But remeber, her favorite game is hot torture. So, get pleasure and bring Kasumi to orgasm.

Flash game size: 1,6 Mbytes


  1. First

  2. second

  3. 3.

  4. shit i want the full version NOW

  5. o0o fuck

  6. sexhotgames.com

  7. This demo makes me sad =( wish i could go further without purchasing

  8. woooow ahhh ahn ahhh hnnhn

  9. mkbi4

  10. BurningDick

    Ok seriously… why can’t i pull down the fucking panties???

  11. nice

  12. very funny~!

  13. can u pull off the underwear?

  14. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    i dont now

  15. I have the full version. It’s fricken awesome.

  16. Gregory_rockssexygirls(come hump me i live at 660 bates ave sw)winter haven FL!

    I want to rub her privates but i cant cause u gotta take her panties off and it wont let u!!!Read part my name in it is meh address come hump me show me what you got i have a teenage sister too named Vennesa come hump her boys!

  17. this game is bad

  18. if any of you guys know how to pull down the fucken underwear fucken put it on i am getting fucken mad

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