Goeniko vs Kuromaru

Goeniko vs Kuromaru

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Goeniko Vs Kuromaru – Goeniko Vs Kuromaru is looking like a huge battle, but maybe there’s stranger forces at play ! Looks like this fight has suddenly turned into a fuckfest, and everyone’s a winner!

Flash game size: 3,4 Mbytes


  1. ok

  2. not ok

  3. 傻逼美国佬


  4. ↑mother fucker!

  5. 中国人(﹃﹃)〣


  6. wertyhtgrfds

  7. hellow man i am chinese

  8. how to paly

  9. great.this is very qingzhen

  10. oh,that anal must be great

  11. I love this game since her voice suddenly change

  12. 。。。

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