Fuck Town: Seductive RPG II

Fuck Town: Seductive RPG II

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Hi! Here’s our new adventure sex game! Freedom of choice is what you exactly need! In the Park you can meet a nice girl or you can go to the Bar and get drunk with a horny slut. Explore this small fucking town to find more girls! Work to earn some money, buy cool stuff to look more stylish and of course don’t forget to fuck! Have a nice weekend!

Flash game size: 8,5 Mbytes

For Android users.
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  1. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Anonymous Player(

    Grabbed some data by trying them out, hope they’ll be useful for your playing 🙂

    Play console: Mood +5
    Sleep: Health +1
    Not to sleep for 1 day: Mood -5 Health -5
    Work as a freelancer: Intellect=40 required, Money +30 Intellect +1 Mood -7

    Walk: Mood +7
    Run: Strength +3
    Give $10 to beggar: Money -10 Luck +5
    Not to give: Luck -5
    May meet girl (name unknown), Intellect=50

    and Strength=50 to move on

    Club: Open at night
    Dance in a club: Money -20 Mood +25

    Bar: Marie, open from evening
    Mood=60 to move on
    Drink beer: Money -20 Health -5 Mood +20

    Corporation: Jane
    Intellect=90 and Style=90 to move on
    Work as a programmer: Intellect=70 Style=50


    Trainings: Diana
    Style=50 to move on
    Pass a business training: Money -50 Intellect

    +10 Mood -5, costs 2 time periods

    Fitness Club: Dana (well try to distinguish

    from ‘Diana’…)
    Strength=40 to move on
    Have a work out: Money -20 Strength +7 Mood


    Library: Closed at night
    Read books: Money -10 Intellect +5 Mood -3/4

    $200: Style +15

    $150: Style +10
    Work as a porter: Money +20 Mood -5

    Fight Club
    Have a work out: Money -30 Strength +9 Mood

    +4 Health -5, some days (4 or 6 so far) to

    prepare for competition
    Take part in competition:
    To win: Health -5 Money +??? (119 and 57 for

    2 attemps so far, not quite sure)
    To lose: Haven’t tried out yet 🙁

    Heal your wounds: Money -50 Health +50, costs

    3 time periods

    Own Business: Intellect=90 to unlock

  3. Anonymous Player(

    Sorry, Money +20 for working out at fitness club.

  4. – Jane (lawyer): requires 90 style and 90 intellect
    – Diana (trainings): requires 50 style
    – Dana (fitness): requires 40 strength and 10 mood
    – Marie (bar): requires 60 mood
    – Mystery girl (random encounter in the park when you walk): requires 50 strength and 50 intelect

    Dana will usually be the first girl you would fuck since she’s pretty easy to do. Mystery girl may be the most annoying since she comes and goes whether you like it or not. Jane will take the most time, obviously.

  5. fuck town: seductive RPG 2

  6. 23434

  7. hahaha FInished IT in just 1 hour hahaha

  8. I fucked 5 girls in this game

  9. I spend only 20 minutes

  10. i’ve fucked all the girls in 87 days.

  11. ive fucked up about 56 girls in 99 days lol

  12. fernando angco


  13. fernando angco

    Good for mail

  14. calisa sriratsirikul


  15. it was the first adult game i played. that was more of a challenge than i wanted for the xxx but all and all it was still fun. ty for allowing free play.

  16. fuck all them

  17. awertyuıop-qw*0t9hhgıkclxşzispe049ro


  18. i fucked them all in 42 days :3 and im a girl lol

  19. lawyer

  20. 66666

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