Encounter Sex

Encounter Sex

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You encounter this very tough but very sexy green ninja. If you can defeat her she gives up her body to you and you can have sex with her in many different positions!

Flash game size: 7,1 Mbytes


  1. hot hot hot hot

  2. How to choose Bonus?

  3. james authur

    not much..

  4. Akali!

  5. hmmmmmmm hottttt ,,,coool

  6. AKALI!

  7. باتبت

  8. Wonder why they’ve taken so long getting new games out since this. The only other game they’ve released recently was that Zelda demo, and that was almost three weeks ago.

  9. hjjjjjjhjhgg

  10. I do not like when you have to fight but still not clear how the third phase is not clear at all.

  11. FOUC CUM

  12. dafq that girl came from the game League of legends

  13. Akali?

  14. this game is sick

  15. Bonus requires winning and not losing any life,if you make it to the end remember just use parry on fast and dodge on strong and the rest does not matter as long as you lose no life.The bonus is waaaaaaay better than the normal rape.

  16. Good Gome

  17. 卧槽?阿卡丽?

  18. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjoj

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