Fuck Town: Ebony Hotness

Fuck Town: Ebony Hotness

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You are a lucky man today because you can meet a wonderful ebony girl at the bus stop. She likes to play tennis and to fuck with a good guys! Good luck 🙂

Flash game size: 2,7 Mbytes


  1. where do the tv parts go

  2. on the manual

  3. How do the components go on the manul thing ?

  4. they all go in the main controller area

  5. where in the main area?

  6. You need to put all elements into controller area. There are some text decriptions, for example dd1 – it is chip1. The main area is blue.

  7. where in the main area?

  8. where in the main area in the game plz reply

  9. main area is controller area. drag the elements there. All works well

  10. i dont understand

  11. i love this game

  12. were does the parts go

  13. Try to connect the parts in the main area like a little puzzle.

  14. how do you put the parts

  15. Franz Ferdinan

    It’s a chipboard, so you have to put the chips and transistors in the right area so electricity can properly flow through the board.

  16. How do you get the pleasure meter to max???!!

  17. I put everything in where it goes and it stil lis on the stupid screen -.- MOVE ON

  18. how

  19. So Easy.!

  20. stupid

  21. Sweet makes me hard her ass is swell

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    hello im korea
    초딩들 꺼지셈 니들은 이런거보면안되……

  23. how to put all the things please help me

  24. how do u make her happy? i need help

  25. Nice game i like it.also the tv assamble is easy 😀

  26. Touch her shouler first.
    Then her back,after taht her ass and you got it 😀

  27. Where are all th parts Im stuck on 5/6

  28. where do all the parts go on the main controller

  29. hey i’m stuck on the maincontrol i put it nall in but it down’t move on

  30. Anonymousé

    heh… being an electronic guy i knew exactly where things went and what symbols meant and what the parts were =D

  31. hers how to put the parts:

  32. TV scheme is wrong ! Signal amplifier not need high voltage . Scheme has many other errors .

  33. لعب بت كلب

  34. how to do the tv

  35. the games awesome and easy

  36. it is too hard i can`t do it

  37. I want to know the specific method.



  38. this is my favorite game

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