City Sex Chronicles Abandoned College

City Sex Chronicles Abandoned College

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You’re a writer for a local newspaper and this Halloween you need to find a special story… Fortunately for you, there’s an abandoned college on Billy’s Street. 30 years ago there was a gas leak, with mysterious circumstances, killing several people, including the headmistress. Locals say that every October 31st they hear scary sounds around the abandoned campus.

Flash game size: 4,0 Mbytes


  1. FIRST !!! ^.`nice game !!

  2. second

  3. I can’t find the diary… Please help

  4. You can only get the diary when you talk to the Girl with the striped top, she will request you to find the diary and say it is in the kitchen, go to the kitchen and talk to the ghost and it will be on the stage in the art room

  5. Yo third but I still can’t find the diary I mean i’m there and I moved my mouse around but nothing is there. Is it behind the curtens or something?

  6. i still cant find that damn diary

  7. It’s right above the right set of stairs. You’ll see a slightly angled poster (looks like a face with a funky hairdo) and kinda looks like a upright candle righ next to the poster. Well go gently around the candle and you’ll get the diary.

  8. Just press and hold ‘tab’ >:D

  9. Big Dick Dogg

    Nice Music…
    i like to write something and Rap on this BEAT !

  10. how do u get into class 6 ive done everything else

  11. Guest32443643623

    Nice game!

    Having a series name, you become more and more like M’n’F games – I hope this will not include producing only free demos somewhen.

    The key to class 6 is in the kitchen.

  12. holy crap!! this game is dame great. although it feels creepy at first but.. aw… the game is not creepy, but makes me horny ^^ the girls are prefect !! who will wanna fuck a ghost?? lol

  13. Nice Game

  14. You'reWelcomeMang:D

    The key is in the Kitchen

  15. where is the music box

  16. is there scary part in this game?

  17. where is the box

  18. This is dame cool man!

  19. i kinda more interested can you fuck all the girls there )

  20. i do not find a diary. help

  21. df

  22. box in the playroom

  23. Y cant i play this game???

  24. i can’t find the box and the me.

  25. find the diary me rock fuck you all!

  26. The diary IS on the stage is on the stage in the Art room. Move your cursor along the right side of the stage until it turns into a hand. It is there,

  27. bagus………….

  28. nying sexy girl

    aah, i’m sooo horny..
    someone, help.. aahh..

  29. nice game…

  30. the diary is like 1 pixel so its very hard to find

  31. where is the box?i am fuck only one girl!

  32. I like this game too 🙂
    The headmistress blow the campus because of her hart break
    Sorry my englis isnt good because im hungaryan.

  33. Hy.
    Im going to write down a full walktrough for the game.

    Go in to class 1.
    Then go to the second floor and enter to classroom 2.Speak whit the girl.
    Then go back to the forst floor and classroom 1.
    When you finish ther go to the second floor and clasroom 3.
    Speak whit the girl,then go back to the first floor and enter to classroom 4.Then enter the cantin then to the kichen.
    In the kichen talk to the girl and after that pick up the key.
    Then go to the second floor and head to the Arts.
    On the stage right side in te corner you will find the diary.
    After that go back to the first floor and enter to classroom 4.
    When you finisd go to the playroom ther you will find te musicbox
    on the floor.
    When you heave the musicbox go o the second floor and eter to classroom 3.
    Whne you finisd go back to the first floor and open classroom 6 whit the founded key in the kichen.In that room the headmistres going to tell you to go the secon floor and speak whit te PE teacher in the art room.
    When you finsid ther go back to the first floor and classroom 6.
    I hope i helpd.Sorry my english isnt good because im hungaryan.

  34. I hope i helpd a litle bit whit this walktrough 🙂

  35. were on the floor

  36. i cannot find the pe teacher

  37. nothing is helpin my laptop wont find it so HELP! supid Diary and music box i looked and ddnt find anything! and my mouse didnt help eaither…

  38. i can’t find them somebody help ?

  39. help diary so that where and the box again

  40. 呵呵

  41. fantástico jogo bem difícil

  42. 发图不留种,菊花被人捅

  43. there is a ghost driftting in the first floor

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