Crossing Cups: Lesbian Edition

Crossing Cups: Lesbian Edition

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This adult game will help you to get relax and spend time with a hot sexy chicks. Certainly you need to look closely after the hands of dealer, and then there would be no chance of his winning. As a reward you will get the most passionate lesbian girls. Have a nice holidays!

Flash game size: 2,8 Mbytes


  1. Frist

  2. number 9 is the best one by far!!!

  3. Number 27 is amazing. I love that hentai and seeing that picture gave me a huge hard one.

  4. I don’t know if that dealer is a maskuline woman, or a feminine man…

  5. Fun. I really liked 12.

  6. are the girls from 22 famous anime characters?

  7. I loved it!

  8. All of them are big ones. I loved them a lot. It´s difficult to choose one for favourite, but I would say 30. It´s the most difficult to achieve, and it´s quite good ^^

  9. hot game

  10. Sex game

  11. Most of these are CGs from Eroge Games not animes. The only one that I found from an anime is #26, my personal fave, which is from the anime and manga Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens. I especially remember #22 which is from Sono Hanabira 7 yuri Eroge.

    Now that aside, if someone would be so kind as to tell me the name of the tune playing. Very relaxing reggae.

  12. 15 what the name of 15’s anime

  13. 13 is my favorite

  14. fucking master

    wish i was being fucked right now. My pussy is wet

  15. me as a girl found this extremely arousing

  16. does anybody know, where the secret pic is from?

  17. wow slow

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