Common Title

Common Title

Hello guys!

We are more than two years with you and this time we need your help.
All of our games that we are going to publish in future need a common title. Like mnf series.
For example: “Horny dating: Worcaholic party”.
What do you think? What title can you offer us for the new games?

Please write comments. We’ll be glad to hear your suggestions!


  1. should make a house games of playboy

  2. Boobalicious

    big booty bitches

  3. my proposition might sound too longish an not as catchy as mentioned by you”mnf” but thats what I do preach.
    Anglers’ Stories: Catch, Fuck and Release.
    everything best in New Year 2011, Jay

  4. in my opinion the title should have something to do with the series that you are creating for example from sharks-lagoon horny afternoon series. it really needs that type of title.

  5. the title might be “hot fuck” “fuck the end ‘,” fuck brutal “or” fuck unforgettable “

  6. I love most of your games in particular your mnf series but you might want to try adding a few bdsm versions to them

  7. Justice League of America

  8. mnf

  9. rpg

  10. That’s good game.

  11. Cock n Rock

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