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Your friend asked you if you would let his daughter stay with you for three days! You remember her as a little girl, but it took many years and now she is very beautiful and sexy… What you were not expecting was the life changing turn of events! So nice girl full of dating passion and adult desires will live in your house. Can you resist such a temptation?

Flash game size: 8,5 Mbytes


  1. I’m First!

  2. You’re a cunt.

  3. Walktrough Video here:
    Password: gueststar

  4. need help cant fig pool

  5. not a bad game. fun.

  6. this game suck

  7. what password?

  8. what do ya hafta do in zee pool part?

  9. how do u do the pool part with the guys hand on the back of lolas

  10. how i do the massage part when the guy is there

  11. what do u do when there in the bathroom

  12. what are the four spots on chris in the massage?

  13. what should in bathroom

  14. how do you get out of the bar scene

  15. hi sexe

  16. wat do u do at the pool part when u touch her back?i’m stuck

  17. So, I put his hand on her back. What to do the next?

  18. Já joguei todas as opções possiveis, esse é muito melhor que os outros…

  19. nice but some tips are cool

  20. randomperson

    after you touch her back u touch her butt as ur touching her back

  21. what to do in the bathroom

  22. this is a stupid game

  23. john furedi jr

    after the pooltable she sits a the bar he touches her and then talking starts what to pick

  24. john furedi jr

    does it matter what you say will everything go the same way or not

  25. What a click and drag snorefest. The graphics are crude and the girls not very attractive. So much time is spent clicking around and trying to find the points of interaction through trial and error. And then if that wasn’t tiring enough, you usually have to do so much mouse dragging your hand will likely be numb by the time it’s all over. So much effort for very little reward.

    If you just wanna skip straight to the sex, here’s the code (I’m not sure if there’s any other good ending):

  26. hi how are you doing

  27. sanogo idrissa adams

    Lu all jsuis bloker o bar ke faire

  28. sanogo idrissa adams

    Lu tous jsuis bloker o bar ke faire et où toucher après son cul

  29. what is the pass word?

  30. how do you get the girl to lick lola in the right place

  31. after akemi’s has to leave

  32. what to do next after touching her butt

  33. what next after licking and handjob in bathroom

  34. what do you do at the pool table?

  35. irresistible

  36. How do you pass the they give Chris a massage

  37. what do u do after u touch her butt and back?/

  38. hurry

  39. nice babysitter i want 2 be lyk him

  40. hi wet n horny girls mmmmm

  41. any girls want to play

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