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US Map Strip

Today you need to pass geography exam. Your teacher can be sexual emancipated brunette or strict blonde with passionate desire. Choose blond if you are confident of your knowledge in geograpy and don’t need any help. Or may choose brunette with tender look where you can use hints. Both of them will tell you endearing words and strip everytime with each your rigth answer.

Flash game size: 3,52 Mbytes


Hetntai Keepy Uppy

This is an original hentai adult game. All you need is to keep that weird object in the air. Use YOUR MOUSE and just touch the object with your mouse pointer to bump it and keep it in the air. After each 10 bumps you will see new picture. Get them all!

Flash game size: 2,50 Mbytes


Sexizu Sylvia

Become a school nerd and score a beautiful cheerleader while tutoring her. Use your understanding of math, make her a fancy drink, impress with complements and nimble tongue. Finally show her the beast that just awakened in your pants. Use Your mouse to interact with game.

Flash game size: 1,5 Mbytes



We offer you to play the game with beutiful woman and maniac both story. The main goal is to catch your sexual victim Monica by chasing her. Use the down arrow to dodge the various objects Monica throws at you and the up arrow you jump over the rocks. Once you catch Monica, she will be yours!

Flash game size: 1,84 Mbytes


Sohos 3 Episode

Finally Claudia Schiffer got a contract with one of the most popular and famous photographer. When she arrived home after crazy night she had to put an ice in her ass and tampons in her nose because of the big dose of cocaine.

Flash game size: 1,7 Mbytes


Holio U 3 Voodoo Girl

Great Sex Date Sim. Meet Voodoo girl. Try to make her happy, we mean, answer questions how she likes 🙂 and You will be happy too 🙂

Flash game size: 3,91 Mbytes



This is an interactive hentai animation featuring Haruhara Haruko from the anime series.
Strange guy and his robot are going to fuck pretty chick named Haruko and cum her all over with loads of hot.

Flash game size: 3,86 Mbytes


Britney Dress Up!

This is the famous Britney! Dress and undress her, do with her whatever you want, she is ready to be yours, just select an outfit and turn on your imagination!

Flash game size: 0,57 Mbytes


Motoko VS Batou

This is a sweet interactive hentai adult game where Batou fucks twice Motoko in her pussy and ass, finger her cunt and spread her pussy lips. Choose your favourite way to cum inside Batou or outside on her nice face – a pretty story, indeed!

Flash game size: 2,02 Mbytes


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