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Horny Afternoon

Wendy, sexy girl from very respectful and rich family, is bored. She awaits her piano lesson. So she lets her fingers roam on her body and quickly becomes very horny. Will you be able to control Wendys desires and movements until the arrival of her charming piano teacher? Wendy is a very sensual girl, but be careful! Nanny is watchful.

Flash game size: 3,82 Mbytes



First part of SEX and HOT Jandora series. You tell this sexy redhead what she should do. Each of your wish is her desire. Lets play and do with her what you please…

Flash game size: 2,46 Mbytes


World Map Strip

You are at the lesson of geography and need to pass the examination. If you want to have hard and sexy exam – choose miss Marie and get an excellent mark, or exam can be easier with miss O’Lively! The result of passed exam is fully stripped curvaceous woman. After each question, just click the country the teacher is looking for.

Flash game size: 4,85 Mbytes


Boobie Christmas

Sex Hot Games presents you a Christmas Flash ๐Ÿ™‚ Sing along with Slugger as he celebrates his favorite part of the holidays! Maybe You want some toys or maybe little brother for Christmas, but all Slugger wants for Xmas is Boobs!

Flash game size: 2,08 Mbytes


Math Strip 2

It is the second part of math strip games and of course more sexy teacher! Enter result of math problems and for correct answer strip that nice girl. Again you have 10 seconds to answer each question.

Flash game size: 1,86 Mbytes


Russian Tennis Star

You must seduce a new girl of next door. She is famous russian tennis player. Do you know what does it mean? She has a gorgeous sporty figure, round ass and beautiful boobs. Wanna touch them? What are you waiting for? Go ahead, knock at the door and try to answer her questions until she allows you to enter. Then you’ll see what she’s doing with her !!!

Flash game size: 2,68 Mbytes


Math Strip

Hope you all like this, just a simple little game for those with a thing for their teachers. Just type your answer to each question as it comes up. If you get a question right the teacher strips, get 3 wrong and it’s game over.. You have 10 seconds to answer each question. Good Luck

Flash game size: 1,58 Mbytes


Subliminal Messages

Hey if you are looking for variety of adult games we are ready to offer new special game where you can win owing to speed of reaction and something else. Pick the correct answer out of four choices to the subliminal messages to see hot naked babes and hentai anime chicks. Have fun with this unusial adult game!

Flash game size: 0,92 Mbytes


70’s Sex Superstar

Play now
Play now
Play now
Many people forget, but in the 70’s people didn’t just fuck they fuck like super stars!!! – and now you can re-live the amazing sex of the 70’s. Fuck the sexy Samantha using different movies. The more pleasure you have the more movies you can use. Get your pleasure meter all the way to the end to blow your massive load.

Flash game size: 0,9 Mbytes


Seduce Moonbeam

A new sexy babe has just settled next door. Her name is Moonbeam and she believes that she’s a child of a sun. Knock on her door and pretend that you are the greatest hippy in the whole world. You will not even notice how quickly she spreads her legs. Catch the moment and fuck her hard.

Flash game size: 1,17 Mbytes


Really Hot Sand 2

The fisrt part was ended whith a hot blow job, the man is satisfied and looks quietly at the sea… But the woman is a little frustrated to be forsaken… and now, she wants really sexual pleasures. In second part you control the woman’s actions.

Flash game size: 6,18 Mbytes


Really Hot Sand

It’s day, afternoon, summer, sun, hot sand… A man and a woman alone on a beach. The wooman is quietly sunbathing, but the man imagines much hotter activities. This is the first part, where you play as the man.

Flash game size: 5,77 Mbytes


Horny Schoolgirl

Young teen girl holds in her little hands a school test. But with you she will think about another things because you can inspire her with passion by making touches with given things (hand, writing pen and penis). Your main goal is to fill up satisfaction level and pass to the next pose.

Flash game size: 0,30 Mbytes


Inga 2

If you want to tate Inga, whip her everywhere: tits, stomach, cunt and ass! Whiping her you can degrade her stubbornness level to change action from whiping to blow job. First she licks you penis to increase the level of excitement and then you’ll have a hard oral sex.

Flash game size: 0,95 Mbytes


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